5 Reasons Why Women are Switching to The Sleep Shirt

Designer nightwear for women

Sleepwear is often a wardrobe item that doesn't get much consideration as it's not something that gets seen by many. But we spend around a third of our day in our sleepwear, which is why it makes sense to ditch the old t-shirt and invest in items that are comfortable, ethically-made, and stylish. Here are five reasons why women are upgrading their nightwear and opting for high quality, good-looking sleepwear from The Sleep Shirt.

1. High-quality fabrics. At The Sleep Shirt, we only use high-quality cottons and linens sourced from the top fabric suppliers in Italy, Portugal, the Netherlands, Canada, and the US. The fabrics are chosen for a variety of characteristics, such as durability, softness, weight, and sustainability credentials. We only use 100% natural fabrics that wash well, last long, and feel great against your skin.

2. Stylish shapes. Our nightshirts, nighties, and pyjama sets are not only great for sleeping in, but they are chic enough to wear over breakfast with houseguests, while answering the door to room service, and even under a cardigan for a quick stroll with your pup. We don't believe that you need to sacrifice style when it comes to sleepwear.

Ethically-made linen nightwear

3. Ethically-made collections. All of The Sleep Shirt's clothing is ethically made in Canada, in a factory that provides safe working conditions for all of their staff and pays above the minimum wage. We visit our factories on a regular basis, both to inspect the premises and also to meet with our team. It is important for us as a brand to be transparent on where and how our sleepwear is made. 

4. Comfort. Some people say that the old, faded t-shirt they sleep in is really comfortable, and we believe you, but we also know that our roomy nightshirts are just as cosy to sleep in. All of our shapes are designed to be worn comfortably in bed and use fabrics that soften after wash and wear. Our customers always tell us that they can't wait to get into their Sleep Shirt as soon as they get home from work.

5. Cost per wear. Our prices reflect the luxury fabrics and ethical, high-quality manufacturing used in the production of our collections. But the result of this is a long-lasting, durable product. If taken care of properly, your Sleep Shirt can last up to 700 wears. The cost per wear of our best selling items ends up being around $0.30 - a price worth paying for sleeping in comfort and style. 

In addition, our sleepwear is not just for sleeping. Our customers choose The Sleep Shirt for its multiple uses, whether its tucked in bed, over a swimsuit at the beach or styled with heels and a leather jacket for a casual night out. Our products are chic and versatile enough to work equally outside of the bedroom as in.