5 Tips for Organizing your Bedroom

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Bedroom organization tips

It's cleaning season! Before we get deep into our spring cleaning, we like to organize the house and declutter. Here are our tips to maximize and organize the space in your bedroom.

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1. Utilize the space under you bed

In the market for a new bed frame? There's many bed frame designs with cubby spaces or drawers already installed to help maximize the rest of your bedroom. If you already have a bed frame, think of containers or shoe racks that slide underneath to help stay organized or keeping not so regularly used items out of the way. 

Tip: If you're limited on closet space, think about keeping your seasonal clothing underneath your bed and rotating it every 6 months to keep your closet from overfilling.   

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2. Choose the right nightstand

If you seem to have items piling up on your counter spaces, consider getting a nightstand with drawers or shelving to help keep things tidy. This way you can store that pile of books, phone chargers or your sleep mask away from sight.  

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Tricks for small bedrooms

3. Maximize wall space

If you find your space is too small for big pieces of furniture, make use of your wall space. There may be space above your closet or door frame that could house skinny shelves work, which can double as decor. Don't forget about the space behind your door, there are many door accessories you can get to add that extra storage and hanging space. 

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4. Organize your closet

Not everyone has a huge walk in closet where you can display all your shoes. Instead of trying to squish everything onto one rail, consider using cubbies or space savers to make your closet bigger than it appears. 

Tip: Research folding tips and tricks on how to leave more space in drawers or closet compartments. We love the konmari method for tips on folding!

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5. Invest in multi-purpose furniture

When you're tight on space think about items of furniture that can be used in multiple ways. A bench at the end of your bed is always good for extra seating space, but try choosing an ottoman bench with a lid. This way you can store throw pillows or blankets without them piling up on a chair or in the corner. 

Tip: Tired of getting ready in the bathroom? Add a wall or table mirror to your desk and make it a part-time vanity.