The Sleep Shirt Offers Maternity Designed Shapes for Expecting Mothers

Sleepwear for pregnancy

Our Nightshirts are known for their versatility, which is why we want to highlight specific shapes that would work wonderfully for expecting mothers and post-pregnancy recovery.

Mother on bed holiding baby in Sleeveless Nightie Oatmeal Linen

Photo credit: @lyssmoore

We design an array of styles with a roomy fit and open collars which makes breastfeeding easy and comfortable.

Mother on bed holiding baby in Sleeveless Nightie Oatmeal Linen

Photo credit: @lyssmoore

Sleepwear for breastfeeding

The Sleeveless Nightie is our number one recommendation for pre and post-birth wear. The nightie comes in one size and should fit through most (if not all) your pregnancy. The neckline completely opens when untied for full access when feeding, especially in the beginning when it could be tricky.

Maternity pose of mother holding baby in Button Down sleep Shirt in Ocean Linen

Photo credit: @iamadrienneford

Another great option is our Button Down Sleep Shirt. This shape has a bit more coverage and includes a full button down placket, making the neckline easy to open for breastfeeding. This shape is sized so we recommend sizing up for a roomier fit towards the third trimester.

Close up on collar of best selling Short Sleep Shirt layered in Blue Oxford Stripe cotton and White Linen

Our Classic Short and Long Sleep Shirt are also very cozy shapes that will be great pre and post birth. The placket opens up nicely, but not as open as the shapes mentioned above. We think this shape is best when your baby is about a month old and comfortable with feeding.

Pregnant mother with toddler hugging on bed in Pocket Nightie in rosy pink gingham

Photo credit: @marykonkin

All our shapes mentioned above come in a selection of 100% natural cotton or linen fabrics in a variety of colours. Once washed and worn a few times our fabric softens extremely well making snuggles between mother and baby so much more delightful!

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