Work From Home in Chic Loungewear from The Sleep Shirt

How to be chic when working from home

Whether you're working from home on a video conference or at home during self-isolation, we have comfortable, chic loungewear to wear while you are staying in. Why wear pajamas to bed, when you can wear them all day long?

Our team is used to mixing up types of sleepwear with daywear for a sophisticated casual look. We love pairing our shorter nightshirts and tops with jeans, and our longer nightshirts with cozy cardigans and oversized knits to make beautiful daywear ensembles.

Above, Jordanna Nicholson wears the Short Sleeve Cropped Sleep Shirt and Lounge Pant in Blue Oxford Stripe. 

Loungewear dress code

Our Founder, Alexandra, regularly works from home, so she's used to turning her sleepwear into ready-to-wear pyjama day outfits. We want to share with you her favourite shapes she's wearing right now to stay chic and comfortable at home. 

Above, Alexandra wears the Slim Sleep Shirt.

Slim Sleep Shirt

This piece was inspired by the boyfriend shirt, but it was designed to fit a women properly. The Slim Sleep Shirt is one of our fitted styles and is designed to be worn as a top, tucked in or not, or on its own as a nightshirt. 

Above, Rosie Daykin wears the Slim Sleep Shirt.

Short Sleeve Cropped Sleep Shirt

Lots of companies make a traditional button-down pyjama shirt so when it came to designing a classic pyjama top, we wanted something different. We shortened the sleeves and length of our classic nightshirt and made a modern, comfortable pyjama shirt that looks flattering on almost everyone.

Long Flounce Sleeve Dress

We love this dress for wearing at home or out in the garden because it is lightweight, feminine, and really comfortable. This gorgeous shape looks great on its own or paired with a cozy oversized sweater.

Above, Alexandra wears the Long Flounce Sleeve Dress.

Flared Sleep Shirt

We've taken our classic Sleep Shirt and added pockets and flare. The pockets and seam lines make it modern and functional, it's great to wear at home but also works as a dress for running errands.

Above, Manon Lapierre wears the Flared Sleep Shirt.

T-Shirt by The Sleep Shirt

Over the past year, we surveyed hundreds of women and did dozens of fittings and wear tests on bodies of all sizes – all in a quest to design the perfect t-shirt. The result? Our first-ever capsule collection of four classic t-shirt shapes, all made from a soft stretch jersey that doesn't cling, isn't see-through, and won't lose its shape after washing. Now available in four shapes and three colours.

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