Founder's Letter Fall 2021

It seems everyone I know considers either Fall or Summer to be their favourite season. I definitely prefer the latter, so it takes me awhile to get into the spirit of Fall and all the lovely things this beautiful season brings. This year, I am going to be taking comfort (quite literally) in layers of warm, soft fabrics from our Fall collection.

This collection feels truly luxe, not only in its fabrics (think gorgeous flannels, an incredibly soft cashmere blend, and a silky Tencel twill) but also in its colours. Perhaps our most autumnal collection ever, this one is full of burgundy, navy, black, and cream, which feels like a luxurious treat as we get into the colder weather.

The piece I am most excited about this season is actually not a new one, but a re-issue of our Long Slip Dress in a variety of new colours and a restock of the black linen. Did you know we are one of the only brands that sells a bias cut linen slip dress? I’ve now got one in black, pale pink, and burgundy linen and I love them as slips, nighties, and dresses. A silky slip dress (we’ve got that too, in an Indigo tencel Twill) typically feels quite fancy but in linen, it’s much more casual and easy to wear. 

It wouldn’t be a Fall collection without lots of flannel, and this season doesn’t disappoint – we have six flannels in the collection, three new ones and three re-issues. Amongst the new ones are a beautiful black and grey houndstooth cotton, a super soft navy twill, and an incredibly luxurious cream coloured cotton cashmere blend. But I suspect it is the re-issues that will get the most attention, because we are bringing back our black flannel, which was one of our fastest selling fabrics of 2020. We’ve also restocked our Red Buffalo Plaid and our Green Check Flannel, available in the Full Length Sleep Shirt. This style sold out so quickly when we introduced it last year, so if you’re looking for a stunning, full-length flannel nightgown, you’ll want to grab one of these fast.

I also wanted to mention a new “Back in stock” page we’ve introduced on site, which is where we’re featuring all of the pieces that we’ve recently restocked. I know some of you have been on waiting lists for over a year for some of these items, and hope (and am confident!) they have been worth the wait. I highlighted some of these styles in 30 Days of The Sleep Shirt, a series that went live on Instagram Stories in July and August – you can see the whole thing in our Highlights on Instagram.

After years of offering a far-too-small selection of men’s products, I recently started to feel like it was time to offer something a bit more complete. For Fall 2021, we’ve launched a capsule men’s collection, which includes a new nightshirt top, a long nightshirt, a lounge pant, and a unisex robe. They’re each available in a range of our classic fabrics so you can be matchy-matchy with your partner for the holiday card photos this year (right?!). Option 2 is to buy him one of the unisex robes (already a favourite amongst our mostly female staff) and then slowly claim it as yours….

I’ll end this letter by drawing your attention to one of the most elegant nightshirts we have ever designed. In fact, this piece should really be called a house dress because nightshirt does not do it justice! The Epaulette Sleep Shirt is a button down, A-line dress with epaulette details and shirt cuffs. This incredibly chic style will make you feel very put together, even if you are just lounging around the house. Available in our beautiful Black Houndstooth Flannel or the classic White Linen (one for those of you that are always cold, one for those of you that are always hot), it’s a timeless style you’ll be able to wear for years. You’ll find me wearing it at home with one of our new aprons, cooking warm stews and cinnamon-y cakes with apples from our tree. Maybe I’ll change into proper clothes for dinner, maybe I won’t.

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