St. Genève James Bay Down Duvet
St. Genève James Bay Down Duvet
St. Genève James Bay Down Duvet
St. Genève James Bay Down Duvet
St. Genève James Bay Down Duvet
St. Genève James Bay Down Duvet
St. Genève James Bay Down Duvet
St. Genève James Bay Down Duvet
St. Genève James Bay Down Duvet
St. Genève James Bay Down Duvet
St. Genève James Bay Down Duvet
St. Genève James Bay Down Duvet

St. Genève James Bay Down Duvet

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Similar to Eiderdown, James Bay down clusters cling together for superb insulating power. James Bay’s huge down clusters actually cling together and so they must be hand-sorted and then cleaned. Similar to eiderdown, it tests at 700 loft, but since it has the same unique properties of cling and high density, it insulates as if it were a 900+ loft down. It is collected from wild geese in the Canadian North by Cree First Nations under special license from the Canadian Government. This down is even rarer than Eiderdown.

  • 700 Loft Down
  • Canadian Wild Goose Down
  • Zurguard Certified Hypoallergenic
  • 400 Thread Count 100% Cotton Jacquard Cover
  • 105 gm /m² (3.1 oz/yd²)
  • Manufactured in Canada
  • Read our guide on how to choose down duvets
  • Please note our duvets are made to order and will take 3-4 weeks to manufacture
  • Shop the James Bay Down Pillows

Duvet sizing:

Twin 72" x 88"
Queen 90" x 94"
King 108" x 94"
Super King 114" x 100"

Available in three weights - Summer, Classic & Winter.


Summer weight is 16oz
Classic weight is 22oz
Winter weight is 27oz


Summer weight is 20oz
Classic weight is 27oz
Winter weight is 36oz


Summer weight is 22oz
Classic weight is 32oz
Winter weight is 42oz

Super King

Summer weight is 26oz
Classic weight is 36oz
Winter weight is 48oz

How to wash and dry your down duvet:

  • Down duvets or comforters can be washed at home, as long as your washing machine and dryer are large enough to accommodate your duvet.
  • Use a mild detergent that is hypoallergenic and without dyes or perfumes
  • Use a delicate cycle with warm water. If dust mites are a concern, you may wash your duvet in hot water, but this should not be done too frequently.
  • Run an extra rinse and spin cycle to get rid of excess water.
  • Press out extra water using a towel, do not wring or twist your duvet.
  • Down duvets should be dried in a dryer that is large enough to accommodate your duvet.
  • Use a delicate cycle on low or medium heat. Drying can take several hours.
  • Be sure to dry your duvet completely before use.
For more details on caring and cleaning your down products, read our guide on how to care for down duvets and pillows.


St. Genève is a Canadian company designing and manufacturing luxury bed linens, down duvets and pillows made with exquisite textiles and natural fibres sourced from suppliers who meet the highest ethical and quality standards.

We know that a picture doesn’t tell the story of a fabric, so we have created this guide to give you more detailed information about our fabrics.

We describe our fabrics with three criteria:

  • Weight: This is based on the weight of the fabric in grams per metre
  • Opacity: The opacity determines how sheer the fabric is
  • Feel: This helps you to understand how the fabric feels when you touch it or hold it. Fabrics can have more than one description of how it feels.

Each product description on our website includes some details about the fabric, in the bullet points. Use the descriptions below to understand what those details mean.


Medium: Our medium weight fabrics are substantial and weighty. Imagine a button-down shirt made with heavy cotton shirting, or the material from a lightweight pair of cotton trousers. We don’t like to use the word heavy, as our medium weight fabrics are way lighter than denim or coat fabrics, but these are our heaviest fabrics.  Medium weight fabrics are 130 - 170 g/sqm. Our Long Sleep Shirt in Blue Oxford Stripe and our Short Sleep Shirt in Red Buffalo Check Flannel are items made from a medium weight fabric.

Medium Light: Our medium light fabrics are slightly weighty but not as substantial as the medium weight materials. Imagine a light tablecloth or a good quality flat sheet for your bed. Medium light weight fabrics are 115 - 130 g/sqm. Our Sleeveless Nightie Grey Herringbone and our Dropped Shoulder Sleep Shirt Navy Herringbone Stripe are items made from a medium light weight fabrics.

Light: Our light fabrics are just that: light. Imagine a very lightweight button down shirt or a floaty sundress. Lightweight fabrics are 100 - 115 g/sqm. Our Full Length Sleep Shirt Pale Pink Linen and Lounge Pant Skinny Light Blue Stripe our items made from a lightweight fabric.

Super Light: Our super light fabrics are very lightweight. Feather light, they are floaty and usually sheer. Imagine a the most delicate blouse fabric, these materials are often fine-spun, delicate, diaphanous. Super light weight fabrics are 60-100 g/sqm. Our Short Sleep Shirt Milano Featherweight Blend is an item made from a super light fabric.


Opaque: Our opaque cottons are not at all sheer. If you were wearing black underwear underneath a light coloured nightshirt in an opaque fabric, no one would see it at all. Perfect for wearing at breakfast when you have houseguests or you are visiting your in-laws. You can even wear this down to the hotel breakfast. Our Blue Oxford Stripe fabric falls under this category. Our Classic Camisole and Classic Short Set in Pink Oxford Stripe and our Long Sleep Shirt in Black Houndstooth Flannel are items made from opaque fabrics.

Semi Opaque: Our semi-opaque fabrics are slightly sheer. If you were wearing black underwear underneath a light coloured nightshirt in a semi-opaque fabric, your underwear would be slightly visible in bright light but the details would not. Depending on the colour of this fabric, you may want to put a robe over it at breakfast. Our Short Sleep Cropped Sleep Shirt in White Linen and our Short Sleep Shirt Skinny Red Stripe Blend are items made from semi-opaque fabrics.

Sheer: Our sheer fabrics are the most transparent ones in our collection. If you were wearing black underwear underneath a sheer fabric, your underwear would be visible. We don’t recommend this material in front of in-laws or family, unless you are wearing a robe or a cardigan over top. We definitely do not recommend wearing a sheer nightshirt down to the hotel breakfast or at the table with your in-laws, but it looks great over a swimsuit on the beach. Our Milano Featherweight Blend is an example of a sheer fabric.



Soft: A soft fabric will be soft to the touch but will also have a drapey hand, meaning it is not at all stiff and hangs beautifully. Our Long Sleep Shirt in Navy Twill is made from a soft fabric. 

Super soft: Our softest fabrics are labelled as super soft, meaning they have a very soft hand and feel lovely. Our Full Length Sleep Shirt in Black Flannel and our Long Sleep Shirt in Cream Cashmere Blend are items made from super soft fabrics.

Brushed: Brushed fabrics are woven materials that have gone through a process where the material is brushed and therefore softened on one (or both) sides. Very soft and usually a bit fluffy, like a classic flannel. These fabrics are usually warm. Our Full Length Sleep Shirt in Navy Twill Flannel and our Short Sleep Shirt in Green Check Flannel are items made from brushed fabrics.

Smooth: A smooth fabric will have a flat, silky surface. Smooth would be how we describe a typical man’s dress shirt fabric. Our Long Sleep Shirt Indigo Tencel Twill or Sleeveless Nightie Skinny Light Blue Stripe are made from a smooth fabric.

Crisp: A crisp fabric will have a slightly crunchy feel when you scrunch it in your hands. It holds its shape well. Most of our crisp fabrics don’t stay crisp for long, they almost all soften after a few weeks of wash and wear. Our Flared Sleep Shirt in Blue Oxford Stripe and our Long Slip Dress Pale Pink Linen are items made from crisp fabrics.

Loose weave: A loose weave fabric has space between the yarns, which gives the impression of lightness. Loose weave fabrics are usually linens or gauzy cottons. Our Short Sleep Shirt in Silver Blue Double Gauze and our Long Sleep Shirt in Pale Blue Linen Stripe are items made from loose weave fabrics

Textured: A textured fabric has a texture in the weave or is woven from a textured yarn. This could be a seersucker or a raised stripe; expect texture when you run your hand across the material. Our Short Sleep Shirt in Black Seersucker and our Flared Nightie in Sand Linen are items made from textured fabrics.

This sizing chart allows you to determine what size best fits your body measurements. Please note that the measurements listed under “SIZING TIPS” for the specific product above are of the actual item, whereas the measurements provided in the chart below should be matched to your body measurements. This chart applies to our women's collection. If you are shopping from our men's range, please refer to the measurements listed on each product profile in the section "SIZING TIPS." Click to enlarge.

The Sleep Shirt Sizing Chart

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews Write a review