10 Things to do to Spring Clean your Bedroom in 2 Hours

Bedroom spring cleaning tips

One of the downsides of the arrival of Spring is the cleaning - there's an expectation that you should be spending an entire weekend deep cleaning every nook and cranny of your home. We are firm believers in making your Spring cleaning as efficient and as quick as possible, so here are ten bedroom cleaning tasks you can do in two hours or less (plus laundry time.) These steps are best done in order.

spring clean your bedroom

1. Clean your window coverings, you'll need to vacuum or launder your curtains, or wipe down your blinds.

2. Go around your room and deal with all the belongings that are scattered in the room. Clothing should be put away (tuck your favourite nightshirt under your pillow), personal items need to tidied and stored, and anything left out needs to be displayed properly. Everything else should be donated, stored elsewhere, recycled, or thrown away. 

3. Dust the lighting and lightbulbs.

4. Vacuum and flip your mattress. We like to take this opportunity to change or launder our mattress pads, too.

5. Launder your duvets and pillows. Most of them can be thrown into the washing machine and tumble dryer. And of course you'll be changing your sheets while you do this, as well as your sleepwear.

bedroom spring clean

A clean and organised bedroom

6. Clean the windows. If you've got huge or many bedroom windows (lucky you) then this might take a bit more time, but we can get through ours in less than ten minutes. Grab some newspaper and a window spray and this can be a five minute task.

7. While you've got the window spray out, be sure to wipe down your mirrors, too.

8. Tidy your night table and give it a wipe down.

9. Wipe the baseboards, using a damp cloth.

10. Wash the floors and/or vacuum the floor coverings. Make sure to get underneath the bed!

Finally, put on a sleep shirt, grab your favourite book, get into bed and enjoy your newly cleaned space.

get into a clean bedroom

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