Sourcing & Recycling

The Sleep Shirt is conscious of the environment, ethical and responsible sourcing and production, and ultimate end use and disposal of all of our products at every step of our supply and value chain. From sourcing responsibly with organic and natural products to ethical fair wage production in Canada, we prioritize transparency in our choices and responsibility for our products. We minimize our packaging and focus on recycled and recyclable materials. Ultimately, in the quality and durability of our items, the consumer can trust in the longevity of wear, the minimal impact on the environment, and the natural recyclability of all of the Sleep Shirt products. 

weaving_icon Weaving:  Japan, China, India, Italy, Portugal, Canada

dyeing_icon Dyeing and Printing: Japan, China, Portugal, Canada

sewing_icon Manufacturing: Canada

Incorporation of recycled material in %

Product contains no recycled materials
Produit comportant au moins 0% de matériaux recyclés

Packaging contains no recycled materials
Emballage comportant au moins 0% de matériaux recyclés

Presence of hazardous substances

No hazardous substances
Ne contient pas les substances dangereuses

Recyclability of the product

Product is mostly recyclable
Produit/emballage majoritairement recyclable

Reuse of packaging

Packaging is recyclable
Emballage recyclable

Presence of plastic microfibers during washing

Does not release microplastics into the environment during washing
Ne rejette pas des microplastiques dans l'environnement lors du lavage

Information relating to precious metals

Contains no precious metals
Contient au moins 0 milligrammes de métaux précieux

Information on rare earth

Contains no rare earth
Contient au moins 0 milligrammes de terres rares

 Sourcing Materials Table 

Note: We exclude the weight of minor components such as threads, buttons, labels.