10 Bedrooms with Statement Lighting

Statement lighting for the bedroom

Lighting can make or break a bedroom, it's a room where the mood is usually dictated by the light. Today we are getting inspired by bedrooms with statement lighting, bold pieces that define the spaces they are in. Check these out, maybe you'll find some inspiration for your own bedroom.

To the left, this ceiling lamp makes a bold pattern on the ceiling of a very bright white room. On the right, a bedside wall mounted lamp features two bulbs, one for overhead lighting and another for bedside.

statement ceiling lamps

Image credit: The Interior Design Academy, unknown.

The black ceiling lamp to the left is in contrast with this white room and its a bold, black bed. The photo to the left features an incredible ceiling lamp with a dozen bulbs hanging from a central point.

statement bedroom lighting

Image credit: Suzanna Scott, Popsugar.

Designer lighting for the home

To the left, a ceiling lamp resembling a wide-brimmed hat contrasts the country style furniture of the bedroom. On the right, we love the look of this bold, matte black hanging bedside lamp.

statement ceiling lamps

Image credit: Homes to Love, 2modern.com.

Not sure if this hanging lamp on the left will provide enough light for bedside reading but it will certainly add style to the room. On the right, a stunning ceiling lamp features over twenty bulbs.

bold bedroom lighting

Image credit: Luxxu, Coco Kelley.

On the right, the bedroom's statement lighting works in conjunction with the bold bed frame. The delicate pendant lamps on the left split and act as bedside lamps.

statement pendant lights

Image credit: Digs DigsAvenue Lifestyle.

All these bedrooms are putting us in the mood to get into bed wearing some beautiful new sleepwear.