n e a d ceramics: a new collection of handcrafted artisan vessels

We are excited to introduce a new series of unique artisan vessels from New York City-based brand, n e a d ceramicsCreated by duo Nate Bozeman and Dean Sidaway, n e a d ceramics are lovingly handcrafted in the heart of Manhattan, New York. 

Nate, a photographer by trade, has a family history in ceramics, and crafts all n e a d pieces by hand. Designer and artist Dean, combines color and line to adorn each item. All are created as one of a kind, and due to their hand worked nature, each one has slight inherent variations that act as a record of the hands that built and painted each vessel. These are to be cherished as the individual characteristics of every piece made.

We especially love these pieces for their versatility, as they work perfectly to be used for a cup of tea before bed, as a catch all for a workspace or for storing a toothbrush on the bathroom counter. 

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