Handknit Alpaca Blanket Charcoal

Product Description

Into The Bedroom and The Sleep Shirt are pleased to announce the launch of a collection of handknit Peruvian alpaca blankets. These blankets are for the home or outdoor space, and will provide a luxurious layer of warmth and comfort. In winter, curl up on your sofa wrapped in one of these beautiful blankets. In warmer weather, we suggest following Scandinavian tradition and draping a blanket on each of the outdoor chairs of your home. When the sun sets and the temperatures cool, blankets allow you to enjoy the long summer days for a few more hours.

  • These blankets are made in collaboration with Christine Dubin of Miou Kids, a designer childrenswear brand specializing in alpaca knitwear. After falling in love with the baby blankets for her own children, The Sleep Shirt founder Alexandra decided to work with Christine to create a range of blankets for the home. 
  • Our alpaca blankets are handmade by artisans in rural Peru, where knitting is a centuries-old tradition handed down from one generation to the next. Their ancestral knowledge is demonstrated in the amazing quality of their work.
  • The blankets are made from baby alpaca wool, which is considered very “green” because of the alpacas’ low-impact grazing habits and the dyes are certified eco-friendly.
  • It is as soft and luxurious as cashmere, stronger than mohair, and warmer and softer than sheep wool. Alpaca wool is an excellent insulator and is extremely durable.
  • Because it doesn’t contain lanolin, alpaca wool is hypoallergenic and doesn’t irritate the skin.


  • This blanket is a charcoal grey colour.
  • Measurements: Approximately 70"  by 100" (178cm by 254cm)
  • Content: 100% Baby Alpaca Wool
  • Handknit in Peru
  • Washing: Handwash in cold water and dry flat
  • Brand: Miou Alpaca
  • Please note that the full size image of this item does not show the edges

Shipping Information

  • Please note that our blankets will take 2-4 days longer than our usual time frames for shipping.
  • We do not do returns on quilts and blankets. Items in the blanket shop can only be exchanged for another item in the same range, meaning an alpaca blanket can only be exchanged for another alpaca blanket, and a quilt can only be exchanged for another quilt.
  • Return shipping will be at the customer's expense.

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