Dark Bedrooms: 5 Beautiful Black Rooms to Sleep In

Dark bedrooms are on trend

Whitewashed interiors have graced the pages of modern interior magazines and blogs for the past few years, so it was only natural for the trends to change to something dramatically different. Cue the arrival of dark rooms, featuring inky blue walls, black furniture and dark grey textiles. While we prefer light colours to enlarge living spaces, the bedroom is one place where black, grey, or navy shades can work. Bedrooms don't need to be overly spacious, and most people sleep better in dark places (hence why we're big fans of blackout curtains.) 

Here's some bedroom inspiration for anyone thinking of going black.

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The black bed frame and velvet cushions melt into the dark walls of this room, contrasted only by a bronze throw, a gold-framed night table and a photograph. (Image and styling by Megan Morton.)

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Black walls in bedrooms

The dark grey walls and navy bedding of this room are brightened by a large window and white curtains. (Source: Historiska Hem)

We recommend a white linen nightshirt for this bedroom.

Walls don't get much blacker than this. White pillows and a picture frame with a sizable white mat brighten up this bold, dark room. (Source: My Domaine)


Gold and bronze tones create warmth in this regal black bedroom. (Source: Master Bedroom Ideas)

A full-length nightshirt would make you feel like a queen in this space.


The quilted headboard, hide rug and crystal chandelier are impressive accents around this four poster bed. (Photo by Dan Duchars/GAP Interiors)

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Top image: My Domaine

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