Eliza Faulkner x The Sleep Shirt, Round Two

Loungewear Dress Code? Enter the New Party Nightie

We first partnered with fellow Canadian fashion designer Eliza Faulkner last November, launching a Party Nightie for the holiday season. The dress, which merged our signature relaxed loungewear style with Eliza’s modern feminine aesthetic, was a success, so we decided to pair up again on a second Party Nightie, this time for summer 2021.

(Photo credit: Marie Elaine Gagne)

Launching exclusively online on June 3, the Party Nightie’s loose, flared silhouette, flounced sleeves, gathered neckline and adjustable grosgrain drawstring make it part summer dress, part nightgown—and perfect for the warmer months. It comes in three new fabrics, each with a contrasting grosgrain ribbon drawstring for a playful touch: blue gingham cotton features a chartreuse ribbon, a garden floral cotton features a light blue ribbon, and a pale pink linen features a bright orange ribbon. A full-length version of the Party Nightie in pink linen is also available this time around.

Ahead of the launch, we caught up with Alexandra and Eliza, who both graduated from the prestigious Central Saint Martins College in London, to talk about the collab, the upcoming summer, and the importance of manufacturing in Canada.

(Photo credit: Marie Elaine Gagne)

The Diary: A second Party Nightie is very exciting! What made you decide to do another one?
Eliza Faulkner: “The response to the first Party Nightie was really positive – our customers loved that it was easy to wear and still really stylish. They wanted something uplifting for the strange 2020 holiday season and I think they appreciated that it was wearable and functional but also feminine and elegant.”

Alexandra Suhner Isenberg: “It was so great to finally work with Eliza as we both share a love for good quality, well designed clothing and are committed to manufacturing in Canada. We had a great time working together on the first Party Nightie so it was an easy decision to have a round two.”

The Diary: What was the difference in your approach to the collaboration this time?
Alexandra: “Because the seasons are different – the holidays vs. summer – the places we imagined our customer would be wearing the Party Nightie were also different. The first Party Nightie was perfect for being home for the holidays, whereas this time around, we wanted to create something you could wear over a bathing suit at the beach but also as a dress all summer long.”

The Diary: How would you describe the new Party Nightie?
Eliza: “It’s definitely bolder. I wanted to play with surprising colour combinations and that feeling of hope and lightness that I think we're all embracing as we head into summer. The fit is the same, though – the neckline is adjustable so you can really adjust it, and a few customers who were breastfeeding (myself included) really liked this feature!”

The Diary: Both of your brands are known for manufacturing your collections in Canada. Why is this important to you?
Alexandra: “It’s important to us that we sell ethically made clothing, which is why all of our manufacturing is done in Canada, in a factory on the outskirts of Vancouver. Local production means that we can visit our factories on a regular basis, to inspect the premises and to meet and build a relationship with our team. All of the people who make our collections are employed under safe working conditions and paid above minimum wage. Yes, it means our prices are higher than if our product was made overseas, but by making our products in Canada, in small batches, we can ensure everything is made to the standard we expect, by workers who are treated as we would expect.

(Photo credit: Marie Elaine Gagne)

The Diary: Any tips on how to style the new pieces for summer?
Eliza: “I designed this in hopes that you could throw it on over a swimsuit or as a cover-up at the beach. It would definitely look really nice, and perfectly acceptable worn by the pool, or the beach. I also think if you added a ribbon or a belt around the waist you could wear it as a dress, or even over jeans!”

The limited-edition Party Nightie by Eliza Faulkner x The Sleep Shirt will be available in One Size (which fits up to size XL) and PLUS (for sizes XL to XXXL, or 3X). Prices range from $195 to $290. Shop the collection now.