Five ultimate self-care items to create a stylish sanctuary at home

From sheepskin accessories to luxurious pillowcases, here are your bedside table necessities

Here at The Sleep Shirt, we are all about creating the most optimal conditions to ensure you have an incredible sleep. Seriously – we talk about it a lot. And while our name suggests that we believe good, stylish sleepwear has a lot to do with it, we know it’s not the only thing that can contribute to a good, restful environment at home. Looking to create a sanctuary at home? Here are our top five essentials.


If you’re one of those people that thinks comfortable slippers are unnecessary or a silly indulgence, you either (a) haven’t tried a sheepskin pair, or (b) live somewhere that’s so warm that you never get cold feet. If the latter is the case, lucky you! And if not, then, you need to try this pair by Garneau. Made in Québec, Canada from genuine sheepskin and premium suede, they are so soft (almost ridiculously so), we guarantee they’ll soon be the thing you can’t wait to get home for… And did we mention they can still somehow be machine washed on a gentle cycle, so you never have to endure stinky slippers? Magic.


We’re huge fans of nead ceramics. Yes, we stock them so we have a reason to get their work out into the world, but their pieces are also simply brilliant. Designed and handcrafted in Manhattan, each artisan vessel is unique and comes in peppy hues and cool colour combinations. We’ve got one in the bathroom, holding our toothbrushes; another on our desk, storing trinkets; and this one’s perfect for a hot cup of tea before bed.


Love or hate them (or simply don’t believe the hype), we’ve all heard of weighted blankets. But a weighted eye mask? Yes! We once thought that all eye masks were created equal, but this one by Vol Privé has proven us wrong. Designed and manufactured in Montreal, this weighted sleep mask hides light very well, while also providing an extra level of comfort thanks to the soothing effect of a removable, weighted pad. It also has a felted, ski mask-like strap that won’t dig into your head, and is made from 100% extra fine merino wool on the front and a super soft bamboo blend on the eye side. Ahhhhh.


When it comes to your bedside table (and, actually, your bedroom in general), the less clutter, the better—which is why products such as this Salt Air Lip & Skin Therapy multi-purpose balm by Salt & Seaweed Apothecary is our go-to. Made on Vancouver Island from 100% organic and plant-based ingredients, its blend of cocoa butter, shea butter, almond and coconut oils hydrates the skin (and the lips, and any other dry patches or spots on your body), while raw beeswax helps the skin retain moisture and acts as a protective barrier.

We could keep going about its other ingredients—Vitamin E, which speeds up any necessary healing and reduces the signs of aging, and wild seaweed, which prevents free radical damage, promotes collagen production and regenerates and protects the skin—but we’d be remiss not to mention its cool, fresh minty scent with a hint of creamy vanilla. It’s a delight to apply any time of day or night.


Canadian company St Genève specializes in ultra-luxurious bedding that’s made in Canada from gorgeous materials. Case in point: this Serenity Pillowcase, which is made from 55% silk and 45% cotton. That’s right: forget traditional cotton and polyester pillowcases that scratch your skin or mess up your hair (or, worse, break it). A silk and cotton pillowcase is gentler on your hair and skin overall. And did we mention this one comes in a silver-foiled box, with packaging that’s made from 100% recyclable forest-free sugar sheet? Because who wouldn’t love being gifted a wonderful night’s sleep…


There are candles, and then there are Homecoming candles, which are made from all-natural soy wax and a blend of premium essential and phthalate-free fragrance oils and have lead- and zinc-free cotton wicks. Made in Canada and free of petroleum and preservatives, it’s hard to believe something vegan and planet-friendly could smell so glorious: this Amber + Bitter Orange scent has notes of rich amber and warm citrus, clove, lavender and balsam and is described as a “sun-soaked daydream”. We couldn’t agree more.