Night time hayfever: 3 ways to allergy-proof your bedroom

Managing hayfever in the bedroom

Do you suffer from terrible night-time hayfever? It's one thing to spend the day red-eyes and sneezing during hayfever season, but it's a whole other losing sleep over it because you are stuffed up and struggling to breathe. Here are our tips to getting a good night's sleep during allergy season and making your bedroom allergy-proof. 

1. Don't open the windows.

The pollen that's irritating you is outside, so the first tip to keeping allergies out of the bedroom is to make sure pollen has no way of floating in. Don't open your windows during hayfever season to keep allergens out. If you open your windows to let cool air in, try using blackout curtains instead. Kept closed all day, they do a pretty good job of keeping the heat out.

2. Shower before bed.

The pollen that causes allergies is not only on the plants and in the air, it's all over you. Take a shower before bed to remove any traces of allergens and you'll be less likely to have hayfever symptoms at night.

3. No street clothes in the bedroom.

In addition to being on our skin and hair, pollen is all over your clothes. The trick to keeping pollen out of the bedroom and avoiding night time hayfever is keep your street clothes out of that space. This can be challenging if you don't have a separate wardrobe or somewhere you can store your clothing outside of your bedroom, but it's worth making the effort for the few weeks that hayfever hits you hard. Try changing into loungewear as soon as you walk through the door (we think the Long Sleep Shirt or the Lounge Pant are great for wearing around the house in the evenings) and storing your day clothes outside of the bedroom.

Now that you've got a hayfever-proofed room, change into a good-looking nightshirt and prepare for a good night's sleep.

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Photo credit: Anders Jildén.