The ultimate nap dresses by The Sleep Shirt

The best pieces to wear for a stylish afternoon siesta


The phrase ‘nap dress’ has been bandied about a lot over the last couple of years – partly, of course, because we’ve all spent way more time at home than ever before (so are hopefully / probably taking a lot more naps), but also because comfort has been pretty important to us all as we’ve gone through the ups and downs of the pandemic.

Here at The Sleep Shirt, we’ve been designing nap dresses since long before COVID hit. Not everyone might have been brave enough to wear them as such, but all of our sleepwear and nightshirts are designed to be able to be worn out as well as at home.


When designing each collection, we always consider the ‘real life situation’ test: would this piece be inappropriate to answer the door to room service? Would you be embarrassed if a delivery driver saw you in this nightshirt? Would you have to rush to put on a cover-up? When it comes to a good nap dress, the answer to all of these should be no.

In fact, most of our pieces are not only appropriate for all of these real life situations – you could actually wear them out and about, too. This is especially the case for styles such as the Two Pocket Sleep Shirt and the Bare Shoulder Dress in our classic Blue Oxford (both from our Resort 2022 collection), and the Epaulette Sleep Shirt in Black Houndstooth Flannel from Fall 2021, one of our most elegant styles yet.


Since the holidays are just around the corner, perhaps you’ve got a vacation booked and are looking forward to relaxation mode. If so, and you’re lucky enough to be heading somewhere warm, we’ve got styles ideal for a poolside nap, too. Our new Midnight Swiss Dot is a lightweight, 100% organic GOTS-certified cotton that’s woven in Japan. It’s the perfect piece to wear 24/7 on holiday: it’s a smart choice for breakfast in a fancy hotel or as a coverup over your bikini while you’re lounging by the pool, and if you happen to fall asleep by said pool, no worries—you can head straight to dinner in this style. If you’re more organized than that, you can also wear it as a dinner dress on purpose, accessorized with heels and even earrings.

For similar nap dress-to-dinner options, anything in classic black linen is a safe bet: just add sandals (flat or heeled), a bit of makeup (think a berry lipstick and a slick of mascara), and a simple accessory (a clutch, bracelet or pair of earrings).


Looking for even more nap dresses? Discover our Fall 2021 and Resort 2022 collections, which include the Sleeveless Nightie PLUS in Dark Grey Herringbone (which fits up to a size XXXXL), the A-Line Nightie in Pale Pink Linen, and the Epaulette Sleep Shirt in White Linen.

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